Hello instart

It started with a tech demo of projecting a 2D texture to a 3D surface. I initially just wanted to play around with Three.js when I stumbled upon a great demo, with which you could shoot paint at Lee Perry Smith’s head. It’s pretty fun, check it out. I’ll post the various stages of the interface evolution later.

Simple designs, like lines and circles look great on t-shirts, but previewing them on a 2D stock photo doesn’t really sell it how wrinkles alter the look of the design. That’s why I started experimenting with 3D rendered images. I knew it can help great deal for people who can’t visually predict how a certain design would look in real life.

At the time, I was already thinking about creating a generative art store, but the workflow of me just creating designs, uploading them to somewhere and marketing that store was rather off putting. Luckily I can prototype really fast and if I start from scratch then there is little limitation I have to work around. From time to time I invested time to evolve that demo to a working app. Today the app is still not released, but it’s really close to the private beta stage.

Design systems

Instart doesn’t have fixed designs you can just buy. Instead I created design systems, algorithms that you can alter with many controls.


Think of the creation process as a way of co-creation. I provide the tools with the potential to produce great variety of artworks and you can be part of the design flow by finding unique settings which pleases you.

What’s coming on this blog?

I intend to share various types of content here, but just for the record:

  • Announcements
  • Design system showcases, what are some examples of certain settings
  • Programming bits about solving an interesting problem
  • Other random thoughts :)

I feel I’ve already written quite a lot for a hello world post, so it ends now here.

Published 30 Dec 2018

Instart is a generative art based t-shirt store.